小阿綸回憶錄與小小咪 3


By 李昆霖

因為我兒子跟我都沒錢買特斯拉給九把刀 Giddens Ko,於是我兒子自己寫幕後故事,(我翻譯成中文)

By: Savi Lee 小阿綸回憶錄

The afternoon air was cold, possibly too cold, or maybe it’s just how nervous I am right now, the camera was directly pointing at me, thoughts rushing through my mind,
“This is it, this is the day you’ve been waiting for, no more looking back and regretting your choices, you are going to do great!”,
The director yelled “and action!”, the camera started rolling, and there I was. Just a few months ago I couldn’t even imagine that I would be here, acting in a movie…
導演喊:「And Action!」攝影機開始轉動,而我就在現場。 才幾個月前我甚至無法想像我會在這裡,在電影裡演戲….

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I remember it was the first day of camping, a very good friend of our family started talking about this big movie project he was going to direct, at first he was joking, saying that my sister and I should play a role in the movie, of course, like any of the introverted kids, we were really against it, but then, the more our parents convinced us, the more we seemed into the option. This wasn’t an overnight decision, no no no no no, this was the hardest decision I have ever made,
當然,就像任何的內向孩子們一樣,我們一開始是反對的。 但漸漸的,隨著我們的父母說服我們,我們慢慢的覺得可以。 這並不是一個晚上就決定的事, 不不不不不,這是我人生所做過最難的決定,

“What if my friends at school laugh at me?”

“What if the judges at the auditioning room didn’t like me?”

“What if I get rejected? That would be so embarrassing since I even got a special chance
that I didn’t even work hard for.”
「要是我落選的話怎麼辦? 那會很丟臉,因為我得到這個很特別的機會,而我卻從沒刻意去爭取」

negativity flows through my mind like a river during a thunderstorm, this was literally the hardest choice I had ever made, I can’t quite get used to the pain of rejection and denial, but again, this was a whole new experience, and although tons of things can go wrong, and the chance of me getting this part is one out of 100, I can take this opportunity and learn about this field in a whole new way!
負面想法流過我的腦袋,就像大雷雨中的河流,這實在是我最難的決定,我還不習慣被拒絕跟被否定的痛苦。 但!這將會是個全新的體驗,而雖然很多事情可能走錯,以及我得到演出角色的機會可能是百分之一,但我也可以把握這個機會並且學習新的領域!,

I start getting hyped about this and excitement runs all over my body, this is it! I am going to audition for a movie!

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The next morning, I woke up and saw the director making breakfast,
“So, are you taking the chance or leaving it behind?”
“I’m in!” I happily exclaimed,

Since my sister really likes to compete with me, she also agreed to do the event,
splutter oh yeah? If you’re doing it, then I’m also going to do it!”,

“I mean, sure if you want to,” The director said Then we settled down and discussed the important part,
“Ok, this is the part you guys are gonna play, and please don’t get freaked out but this is kinda weird: Savi, you are going to pretend you have a crush on your sister,” The director said,
「Ok, 這是你們將會演的部份,你們不要嚇到,但這的確有點怪:
Savi, 你要假裝你對你的妹妹一見鍾情」 導演說

“WAIT WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY HAVING A CRUSH ON MY SISTER?” I confusingly exclaimed out loud. This was absurd, how in the world do you think we’re gonna pull this off? I couldn’t believe what I am hearing, after I calmed down, I made my decision, I figured little obstacles like this cannot stop me from pursuing new challenges, so I decided to keep doing this.
「等等!什麼? 對我的妹妹一見鍾情是什麼意思?」我很困惑的大喊出來。 這也太蠢了吧,你怎麼覺得我有可能做到這個? 我不敢相信我所聽到的東西。 當我冷靜過後,我下了決定,我覺得像這樣的阻礙並無法阻止我去追求新的挑戰,所以我還是決定要繼續下去。

We had a lot of preparation to do before we auditioned, first, we need to go over the lines, and memorize them until they are fully imprinted on my mind (memorizing the lines literally took me over 2 hours), next, we need to practice the line with each other but need to add emotions and body posture into the words and sentences, I personally believe this was the hardest part because I don’t open up with my emotions that often, so trying to do this also took some practice and getting used to, I remembered very specifically my mother said: “being vulnerable in new places is very uncomfortable, especially when it comes to auditioning for a movie part, but the most important thing to remember is everyone there is just like you, so don’t’t be afraid to act out and do better than other people, the most important thing is to have fun!”
在試鏡之前我們做了很多的準備工作,一開始,我們需要去背台詞直到台詞像是影印在我腦裡(背台詞花了我二個小時),然後,我們需要跟彼此練習台詞,但還要加情感跟肢體語言進入字跟句子內。 我個人覺得這是最難的部份因為我並沒有那麼常打開我的情感。 所以做這件事需要練習並且習慣於它。
我還記得我媽對我說:「在新的場所覺得脆弱是很不舒服的事,尤其像是去電影試鏡,但最重要的是要記得每個人都像你一樣,所以不要害怕你會去演得比其他人還好,最重要的是要去have fun!」

Of course, that’s what the adults always say, I remember the phrase “have fun” used in so many ways, but this was hard for me in a way because I am in a very unfamiliar situation, but I strongly hide my anxiety and nervousness deep into my heart and headed straight for the door into the abyss of the auditioning center. The place was not what I imagined at all, it was a gloomy office with a little more than three judges, who greeted my sister and me with warm welcomes,
當然,大人總是說這個,我記得「have fun」這個句型總是應用在很多方面,但這對我來說就是很難因為我在一個很不熟悉的情況,但我努力的把我的焦慮跟緊張隱藏在我心深處,然後走向試鏡大門的深淵。

“Hey! You two must be here for the auditioning sessions! My name is Lucy, and I will be your companion for the rest of the morning, please! Do sit, there is a lot of fo space here to relax until it is your turn, but for now, sign the form to prove that you arrived and we will check your names on the list.” Lucy, our “companion” told us, we signed the forms, and got ready for the audition.
「Hey! 你們二個是來這邊試鏡的吧!我的名字是Lucy,我會是你們今早的夥伴,來,請坐,這裡有很多地方可以放鬆等待直到你們被叫到名字。 但現在請你們簽到」Lucy,我們的《夥伴》跟我這樣說,於是我們簽名準備被叫名

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At the time, my sister was holding my hand, I can feel her hand trembling in mine,
“What are you so nervous about? This isn’t that scary.” I tried to calm her down, but I also understand why she was so nervous, this is not easy for her since she also plays an important part in the movie, so even more girls would be competing for her part,
“I’m not nervous! It’s just the room temperature, they should adjust the air conditioner.” This was the worst excuse I have ever heard
“Yeah right,” I mumbled, she gave me a stern look but dismiss the argument.
「對啦!」我咕噥著, 她回瞪我,但並不想跟我爭下去

After about half an hour later, we finally got called on, and I stepped inside the room pretending to be confident but in reality, I want to dig a hole and crawl into it.

The audition was over, I was so happy that I wouldn’t care if I got the part or not, just genuinely happy that the pressure of this event was over, my sister was also in a delightful mood, now all we have to do is wait for the people to say if we got it or not, this was a very confusing time for me because there is a mix of so many emotions, happy, nervous, and confused, these were the primary emotions that I felt, but for now, all I could do was imagine and try not to think too much about this.

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Three months later…
I remember that it was a very cold morning, the birds were chirping outside my window, the washing machine was making weird sounds and I can constantly hear the cheerful voices of my sister and my parents repeating the phrase “WO HOO!” and “YES, WE GOT IT!”, At first I was confused because it was very early and I couldn’t quite think clearly enough to analyze all the noise beside me, I quickly got dressed and went downstairs,
“What is going on with all the chitter-chatter?!” I complained to my parents,
“Savi! Guess what, you and your sister got the part!” They celebrated in happiness, the still half-asleep me was still confused,
“What part?” I asked,
“The one for the movie!” they said.
All right! I totally forgot about the movie thing! The sudden I realize this I got so excited I accidentally fell down and hit my ankle on the table,
“So this is it?” I said, “we’re gonna play in a movie?”,
“Yes, this is it, you and Annabelle are gonna play in a movie!” at this point my dad was so happy he may as well just take off his cloth and jump around,
我還記得那是個很冷的早上,鳥在我的窗外叫,洗衣機在發出怪聲音,而且我還一直持續聽到我妹跟我爸媽在反覆的歡呼「耶~我們中了!」 一開始我有點搞不清楚因為還很早我還不能清楚的思考去分析這些在我旁邊的噪音。我很快的穿上衣服走到樓下,
「Savi, 你知道嗎!你跟你妹都中了!」他們開心的慶祝,半夢半醒中的我還是搞不清楚

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“OH YEAH!!” My sister also seemed very excited about this whole thing.
After all the excitement, we went out for a celebration dinner, and for once in my life, I don’t care about all the things that is going to happen afterward, I decided it was best to live at the moment, let things go with the flow, and that was what I did, I enjoy the dinner and went home getting real excited about us playing in a big movie, that night, I had the best sleep knowing there is nothing to be uncomfortable or nervous about.
「OH YEAH!!」我妹也對這整件事很興奮

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The rain dripped on my forehead, it was the middle of winter, and I was wearing a t-shirt with shorts, this was a very cold evening and I needed to wear the clothes provided for my part, I stood there, shaking and trembling all over, I didn’t know if this was from the cold or from the pressure I’m having overthinking about the future for no reason, but it didn’t matter, I worked so hard at this and I do not want to screw this up, I need to show them I got this, to show I am not nervous, the camera pointed at me, the director in front shouted: “and action!”.
雨滴在我的額頭上,我們正在冬季中,而我只穿著T-shirt跟短褲,這是個很冷的傍晚而我需要穿著我角色的這套服裝。 我站在那裡,全身冷到發抖,我不知道這個抖是來自於冷還是來自於我想過多的沒來由未來壓力。
攝影機對著我,導演喊出:「And Action !!」


我這個爸爸花了一個多小時幫兒子翻譯成中文,你們還不去高雄場的月老 Till We Meet Again影人映後會!!



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